‘Rich Game’ Ready to Compete With ‘Angry Birds’

By webadmin on 11:05 am Jul 20, 2012
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Jakarta Globe

An Indonesian app developer asked people on Wednesday who wants to be rich, and to leave those ill-tempered birds alone so that they might hone methods to accumulate wealth.

“My target is for the game is to beat Angry Birds,” said “Rich Game” founder Aidil Akbar, as quoted by Antara. “Why not defeat such a simple game as Angry Birds with a game that teaches people how to be rich.”

“Rich Game” simulates various financial scenarios so that players can learn to adapt their investment skills to changing economic conditions. The idea was coined by Aidil, while the game was developed by Ngaturduit.com.  

“I saw how Indonesian people lack education in how to optimize financial products,” Aidil said. “The game is based on the idea of giving people investment experience.”

Aidil said the game involves advice via texting from real finance experts providing information on financial products, including conventional and Sharia mutual funds and investments in gold, as well as life insurance, health insurance and unit-link insurance. (Our reporter, however, could not reach an advisor after one try because of heavy user traffic — she estimated some 50 people were playing the game).

One of the developers of the game, Api Perdana, said game components include income from work, routine expenses, emergency expenses and family expenses, which includes marriage and children.

“In the future, we will keep on developing the game by increasing investment products and the challenges at every level,” Api said. “We are also open to the possibility of widening the game platform [so it can] be played with different operating systems, such as Android, Blackberry and Windows.”

While the game’s topic sounds serious, developers say that even high school students can play. “Rich Game” can be accessed via Facebook to connect to other online players.