Report: Mubarak’s Denial Becomes Popular Ring Tone in Egypt

By webadmin on 04:58 pm Aug 04, 2011
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Cairo. Hosni Mubarak’s denial of all charges laid against him has been turned into a popular ring tone, the newspaper Al-Ahram reported on Thursday.

“I completely deny all these charges,” the former Egyptian president said as he lay behind bars on a gurney in a makeshift court near Cairo on Wednesday.

The phrase gained instant popularity with Egyptians, according to the Al-Ahram Web site.

It added that Egyptians posted photos of Mubarak in the dock on their Facebook pages.

Mubarak’s appearance in the court was his first since a popular revolt forced him to step down in February.

He is facing charges of ordering the killing of peaceful protesters during the revolt against his 30-year rule and of power abuse. His trial is to resume on Aug. 15.