Ramadan-Themed TV Shows Showered with Complaints: KPI

By webadmin on 09:46 pm Aug 28, 2012
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Viriya Paramita

The Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) says it has received hundreds of complaints on Ramadan-themed programs broadcast by local TV stations during the Islamic fasting month, and has sent a number of warnings about the shows.

KPI deputy head Nina Mutmainna Armando said on Tuesday that the complaints and warnings were mostly addressed to live comedy shows intended to attract an audience during the sahur, or predawn meal.

“It’s relatively the same as last years violations. For example, they ridiculed physical defects, bucktoothed people, short and fat people, or people with certain sexual orientation and gender,” Nina told a discussion at the KPI office in Central Jakarta.

She said the KPI received a total of 565 complaints from viewers during the fasting month, and that Trans TV’s “Waktunya Kita Sahur” (“It’s Sahur Time”), a comedy show broadcast live during Ramadan, received the most complaints, totaling 66.

The KPI has sent two written warnings to Trans TV regarding the show, Nina said.

She added the KPI also sent two warnings each for “Kampung Sahur Bejo” (“Bejo’s Sahur Kampong”), broadcast by RCTI, and “Sabarrr Tingkat 2” (“Level 2 Patience”), by SCTV, as they didn’t heed the first warnings.

Four other shows, namely “Sahur Bersama Srimulat” (“Sahur with Srimulat”), broadcast by Indosiar, Trans TV’s “Ngabuburit” (“Hanging Out Before Breaking the Fast”), Trans 7’s “John Lenong” and SCTV’s “Inbox” all received a warning each.

Nina further added that some of the shows also violated rules on ratings and norms of politeness, as well as the child protection law.

“There was a program that alternately changed its rating between R [teen] and SU [all ages], but it actually had adult content as it talked about intimate relationships for adults,” Nina said.

She suggested TV stations reduce live comedy shows, as they were most prone to violations.