Putting Yout IQ to the Test in Taiwan

By webadmin on 03:27 pm Jul 06, 2012
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Sylviana Hamdani

This weekend won’t be a time to kick back and relax. In fact, you’d better recharge your brain and energy for an online test called the SmarTest.

The SmarTest is a 24-hour online test that will take place on Saturday and Sunday. It is a campaign by Taiwan’s Bureau of Foreign Trade and the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (Taitra) in Indonesia, India, Vietnam and China to promote their products.

“Taiwan and Indonesia have enjoyed a long-standing and stable relationship,” said directorate general of BOFT Chuo Shi-Chao. “The governments of Taiwan and Indonesia have signed several cooperation agreements in the area of bilateral investments, agriculture, fisheries and labor to ensure a smooth economic and trade exchange. And now we aim to share Taiwan’s most valued products and introduce to our Indonesian friends how these products can enhance their lifestyles.”

According to Chuo, Indonesia is currently Taiwan’s 11th largest foreign trade partner, with the total amount of bilateral trade exceeding $ 12 billion in 2011. Taiwan is also the ninth largest foreign investor in Indonesia with a total investment of $15.5 billion. At present, there are approximately 7,500 Taiwanese businesspeople working in Indonesia.

“We’re now looking forward to seeing the upcoming synergy [in the SmarTest] and what will happen when the smart products of Taiwan meet the smart people of Indonesia,” Chuo said.

The SmarTest will test consumers’ general knowledge, as well as their knowledge of Taiwan’s products.

“It’s a truly fun, adventurous and creative game,” said Danny J.S. Liao, manager of Taitra’s strategic marketing department.

All Indonesian citizens and permanent residents may participate in the SmarTest. To join in the game, one has to register online at www.2012smartest.com.

“You can then practice at our ‘Sneak Preview’ page [on the website],” Liao said.

The real game will start at 9 a.m. on Saturday, and last for 24-hours non-stop. It will take place in the local time zone of each country.

In the online test, participants will be presented with a continuous series of multiple-choice questions.

The 10 highest scorers from each country will receive Taiwanese products as prizes and will proceed to the next stage, which will take place in August. Each participant will be given one new Taiwanese product to learn about and use. They should then videotape themselves while using the products in their daily lives.

“The videos should be fun and creative,” Liao said. “They can then upload them to their blogs, Youtube and Facebook. Those who get the most online votes will win the second stage of the game.”

One finalist will receive $5,000. He or she will also invite two of their smartest friends to join the team and represent Indonesia in the regional competition in Taipei in October.

“In Taipei, they will compete against the teams from India, Vietnam and China to get the SmarTest title and grand prize,” Liao said.

The first-place winner will receive $30,000, the second-place winner will receive $15,000 and the third-place winner will receive $5,000.

“The fourth winner will bring home all the beautiful memories from ‘The SmarTest’ final round in Taipei,” said Liao.

Prior to the game, Taitra and BOFT held the “101 Trade Meetings,” in which representatives of Taiwan’s companies met with their potential buyers in the grand ballroom of Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakarta, on June 27.

“We saw that there’s a large increase in the middle class in the country,” Liao said. “A lot of people are living better lives now. They’re going to move to new houses and apartments. They’re going to need a lot of home products.”

What do Indonesian customers say about Taiwanese products?

“I use a lot of Taiwan’s products at home,” said Indonesian model and actress Cathy Sharon. “They’re mostly ICT [information, computer and technology] products, such as Asus, Acer, D-Link and Transcend. They have an excellent quality and are very stylish. Most importantly, those products improve my productive lifestyle.”

Cathy has also heard of the SmarTest and registered as a participant.

“I think it’s a very innovative idea,” she said. “It’ll be a very fun and creative way to spend the weekend. You don’t have to sit around at home to do the test. You can practically do it anywhere, as long as you have an Internet connection.”

The SmarTest can be completed on a PC, tablet and most smartphones.

For those who do not have an Internet connection, the Ritter Cyber Cafe in West Jakarta is providing free Internet access, courtesy of SmarTest’s organizing committee.

“We expect 30,000 participants from the four countries to participate in the game,” Liao said.

In 2011, Taitra and BOFT launched a similar competition, “IT Travelers Go,” in Indonesia, India and Vietnam.

In the competition, finalists from each country were assigned to visit a number of destinations in Indonesia, India and Vietnam and use Taiwanese products to assist in their travels.

At the end of the day, all participants wrote about their travel experience, as well as their experiences using Taiwanese products, in their blogs and then promoted the blog posts to get online votes from their friends and families.

Rahmat Hidayat from Pekanbaru, West Sumatra, was one of the four contestants from Indonesia that went to the final round in 2011.

“It’s a very interesting game,” Rahmat said. “It’s what we call ‘experiential marketing.’ In the game, we, as customers, tested the products and wrote honest feedback about them in our blogs. We became smart customers through the game.”

Although his team did not win, Rahmat gained a lot of positive experiences.

“We visited new places and experienced the local culture,” Rahmat said. “And everyone made new friends.”