PSSI Hands Down Hefty Fine, Away Ban After Bonek Antics

By webadmin on 10:22 pm Jan 28, 2010
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Persebaya Surabaya’s notoriously rowdy supporters saw their battered image take another hit when the Indonesian Football Association disciplinary committee hit the club with a Rp 250 million ($27,000) fine.

The association (PSSI) punished the Indonesian Super League club for failing to control its supporters. Persebaya fans were also banned from away matches until Jan. 28, 2014.

“The sanction is the result of violations by Persebaya’s supporters, and therefore the disciplinary committee immediately imposed a Rp 250 million fine,” committee chairman Hinca Panjaitan said late Thursday, according to the Kompas Web site.

Sanctions came down after members of Bonek — short for bondo nekat, which is Javanese for “reckless mob” — injured six civilians in Solo and did Rp 600 million ($64,000) in damage to a train that took them to a Jan. 23 league match at Persib Bandung.

Hinca, a former Persebaya legal advisor, said the club must also hold a match behind closed doors and pay a Rp 30 million fine after it could not provide security when Arema Malang visited Gelora 10 November Stadium in Surabaya on Jan. 16.

“The match without spectators must be held by Persebaya when they are the host in the second round,” Hinca said.

Bonek members traveled in defiance of an existing away ban, which was levied against the club after multiple pitch invasions.

“If Persebaya supporters continue [attending away matches], the disciplinary committee will not hesitate in adding more sanctions,” Hinca said.

Persib was also punished for allowing the banned fans into Si Jalak Harupat Stadium. The committee fined it Rp 20 million for failing to enforce the ban on traveling Persebaya supporters, who were largely well-behaved in the stadium but pelted houses and bystanders with rocks while going to and from the stadium.

In addition, Persib received a suspended Rp 250 million fine after its supporters sang songs with allegedly racist lyrics that disparaged fans of another team. The fine will go into effect if the songs continue, Hinca said.