Prosecutors Demand 20 Years in Prison for Jakarta Drunk Driver Afriyani

By webadmin on 08:02 pm Aug 01, 2012
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Ronna Nirmala

Prosecutors demanded 20 years in prison on Wednesday for a Jakarta woman accused of killing nine pedestrians while driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol in January.

Prosecutor Tamalia Roza told the Central Jakarta District Court that Afriyani Susanti had been convincingly proven guilty of murder.

“Punish Afriyani Susanti with 20 years in prison, minus her detention time,” she told the court, as quoted by Antara state news agency.

Still, Tamalia recognized some mitigating factors on Afriyani’s side, including no prior convictions, her polite attitude during the trial, her young age and her willingness to apologize to the victims’ families.

Afriyani said she and her lawyers would file a personal defense.

“I want two weeks to [prepare] my defense,” she told presiding judge Antonius Widyatmoko, but the judge only gave her one week.

“We’re chased by time,” Antonius said. “The court is in recess and will continue next week with the agenda of hearing the defense of the defendant and her lawyer.”

Afriyani was arrested after allegedly killing nine people when she drove through a crowd of pedestrians in Central Jakarta on Jan. 22.

According to prior police reports, she had taken ecstasy at Stadium nightclub in West Jakarta and consumed alcohol at a disco in Kemang, South Jakarta, on the night of the accident.

The police said she was driving her Daihatsu Xenia faster than 90 kilometers an hour. They said she and her three passengers tested positive for methamphetamine.

Afriyani, who has confessed to drinking and taking drugs before the accident, has been charged with murder, drug possession and violating the Law on Traffic and Transportation.

Prosecutors said she purposefully drove a car in a condition that endangered others and caused death.

Afriyani’s lawyers have previously argued that she never intended to kill, saying charges of premeditated murder were inappropriate.

The victims’ families said they were satisfied with the sentence demanded by prosecutors.

“It’s the right sanction for her,” said Sutantio, whose son Muhammad Huzaifah was killed in the accident.