Prominent Activist Linked to Police Corruption Allegations Brutally Beaten

By webadmin on 01:49 pm Jul 08, 2010
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Jakarta Globe

One of the anticorruption activists at the center of an investigation into the suspiciously large bank accounts belonging to a number of National Police generals was the victim of a brutal attack by unknown assailants overnight.

Tama Satriya Langkun, an investigator with Indonesian Corruption Watch, the nation’s most respected antigraft organization, suffered multiple stab wounds and head injuries during a vicious attack.

He is reportedly in a stable condition and is conscious at the Asri Hospital in Duren Tiga, South Jakarta.

ICW are not available for comment but in a statement said Tama and his friend, Khadafi, from ICW’s South Sulawesi branch, were riding a motorbike when a silver Toyota Avanza and two motorcycles blocked his path at Duren Tiga, Pasar Minggu, at 3:45 a.m.

Four people — described as tall and well-built with accents from “eastern Indonesia” — then attacked, stabbing Tama with a sharp metal object and beating him about the head until he almost lost consciousness.

The passengers of the Avana remained in the vehicle during the attack.

The perpetrators then sped off but returned moments later to return Tama’s motorcycle helmet, which had been removed prior to the beating.

Tama, badly beaten, required 29 stitches to three wounds on his head. His right leg is badly bruised from his ankle to his knee, arms and back.

Tama has been a vocal critic of police. He was one of the activists who reported the bulging bank accounts of a number of police generals to the Corruption Eradication Commission and Judicial Mafia Eradication Task Force.

On Tuesday, Jakarta Police were forced to deny that three Molotov cocktails thrown at the offices of Tempo were related to the latest edition of the magazine that provide alleged details of the bank accounts.