Priyo Promises to Push for Dual Citizenship

By webadmin on 05:31 pm Jul 09, 2012
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Armando Siahaan

A member of Indonesia’s House of Representatives pledged on Sunday to lobby the government for a request made by the inaugural Congress of Indonesian Diaspora: To allow Indonesians to hold dual citizenship.

After several days of meetings, attendees of the congress in Los Angeles overwhelming expressed their desire for the government to rethink its immigration laws.

“The diaspora urges policymakers to . . . start the discourse to amend the Immigration Law to allow for dual citizenship,” a statement from the congress read.

House of Representatives Deputy Speaker Priyo Budi Santoso said he received a petition with almost 5,500 signatures demanding the government change its polices.

“I will carry your aspirations to Jakarta,” Priyo said during his remarks at the closing ceremony of the congress, which was held between 6 and 8 July.

“Those lawmakers attending this congress and myself will make sure that we will discuss this issue with the President of Indonesia to find a solution on this matter.

“It is true that our law currently prohibits dual citizenship,” Priyo added. “But your voice is the voice of conscience that we heard directly.”