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By webadmin on 08:48 am Jul 20, 2011
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Awis Mranani

When it comes to shopping smartly, whether you’re looking for a book or a house, some people may find price comparisons helpful. offers just that, allowing users to compare prices without having to leave their seats.

PriceArea, launched last year by East Ventures, an investment company based in Singapore focusing on start-ups in Indonesia, is a site that allows users to compare the price of a product on different online stores in Indonesia.

Just by clicking on the preferred category or by typing in the sough-after item in the search box, users can get a list of different prices from various merchants.

PriceArea compares the prices of an extensive selection of items, from everyday goods such as bags and clothing to million-dollar houses.

As of this month, according to Bima Laga, the site’s business development officer, books and bicycles are the most searched products from over 22 main categories and 200 subcategories.

Mobile phones, laptops and houses are also very popular on the site, he added.

The site last week won this year’s Bubu Web Award in the Utility category.

“We differentiate ourselves from competitors by providing our users with the most relevant and accurate results, and the ability to control and adjust the search results as they wish through powerful sorting and filtering,” Bima said.

However, the Web site doesn’t only benefit shoppers, but also sellers.

“PriceArea is also designed to help online stores and marketplaces to sell better,” said Bima, implying that merchants will get a platform for greater exposure through the site.

“With our free, high-tech features such as the merchant dashboard, advertising platform, interactive flyers and advertorials, thousands of online retailers are benefiting from the Web site.”

A very useful feature, merchant dashboard is a tool for merchants to monitor the number of users who have visited their Web sites and see what items are most searched by users.

PriceArea also has a ratings and review feature that can be posted directly into the merchant’s profile page by shoppers.

“This feature is an opportunity for merchants to build and manage their reputation,” Bima said. “We also created a merchant ranking system to analyze our merchants’ credibility and validity.”

The award-winning Web site has more than just price comparison features. It also provides a community page, where users can share their shopping experiences, create wish lists and get price drops, price alerts and news on market trends.

PriceArea was founded in 2009 by CEO Andry Suhaili and empowered by Leo Haryono as head of search.

Since its commercial launch in 2010, PriceArea has received positive recognition, including being a finalist at Echelon, a yearly Web technology event in Singapore. It also won the People’s Choice Award from Echelon’s Indonesian satellite.