Police Want Malinda Released From Hospital

By webadmin on 09:43 am Jul 25, 2011
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Farouk Arnaz

The National Police are becoming increasingly frustrated after receiving no clear confirmation of when suspected embezzler Inong Malinda Dee would be discharged from hospital.

Malinda was temporarily released from police detention on June 7 pending surgery to remove a silicon breast implant that doctors believed was causing her ill health.

She underwent a six-hour operation at the Bintaro branch of Siloam Hospital on June 23, with doctors removing the implant that they said had fused with her mammary glands.

But one month since being admitted to the hospital, there is still no sign when she will return to police custody.

“Her case should have been in the hands of the prosecutors by now. The only thing standing in our way is the hospital,” Brig. Gen. Arief Sulistyanto, the National Police’s director of special crimes, told the Jakarta Globe over the weekend. “What is wrong with the doctors? If the doctors are being fair, once she’s fit she should be returned [to police custody] immediately. Don’t create the impression that she’s hiding behind her illness.”

Malinda, 47, a former Citibank customer relations manager, was accused in March of skimming at least Rp 20 billion ($2.3 million) from clients’ accounts.

The police investigated Malinda’s accounts after three customers alleged she had misappropriated their money. Police suspect she embezzled funds from 123 of her former clients.

Separately, Brig. Gen. Budi Siswanto, head of the National Police Hospital, which had originally recommended Malinda be treated at Siloam, said a letter had been sent to the private hospital asking about her latest condition but no reply had been received yet.

The central bank has imposed a two-year freeze on Citibank Indonesia acquiring new credit-card customers and a one-year suspension on it acquiring new priority banking customers as a result of the embezzlement and other criminal cases it was allegedly involved in.

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