Police Make Another Big Drug Bust in North Jakarta

By webadmin on 03:00 pm Jun 20, 2012
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Bayu Marhaenjati

West Jakarta police raided a warehouse on Tuesday and seized an estimated 200,000 ecstasy pills and 14 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine worth approximately Rp 81 billion ($8.5 million).

Three people in total were detained in two separate arrests, beginning with a traffic stop, where police were following two suspects.

“We tailed [two] persons we suspected of being drug dealers,” West Jakarta police Sr. Comr. Suntana said on Tuesday. “They were in Cengkareng, West Java. We followed them to North Jakarta before arresting them.”

Suntana said after arresting the duo, they obtained information that there were large amounts of ecstasy and crystal meth in a warehouse in Pademangan, North Jakarta.

“We found 200,000 ecstasy pills and 14 kg of crystal meth ready to be distributed and sold,” he said, adding that police arrested a third suspect at the warehouse.

Suntana said that the suspects are part of a bigger international drug network from China.

“From our early investigation, they have a higher organization led by a Malaysian citizen that we’re searching for now. The drugs were from China,” said Suntana, adding that he believed the narcotics came via boat. 

The police assume that if the price of single ecstasy pill is Rp 300,000 ($30), the amount they seized totals up to Rp 60 billion, while the price of crystal meth per kilogram is Rp 1.5 billion.