Police Detain 3 People Over Papua Attacks

By webadmin on 10:14 am Jun 15, 2012
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National Police Gen. Timur Pradopo said on Thursday that police had detained three people allegedly behind recent attacks in Papua.

The suspects — BT, JT and C — are accused of burning cars and of shooting Dietmar Pieper, a German tourist who was on vacation with his wife when he was shot three times on May 29.

“From the three persons that have been detained, [we] could develop a further investigation,” Timur said in Jakarta on Thursday on the sidelines of his meeting with lawmakers.

“Violence, shootings in several locations in Papua, from May 22 to June 10, 2012, all are being investigated by the National Police.”

He said police were working hand in hand with the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) and local people.

One civilian recently shot to death by police officers, Mako Tabuni, was also accused of being one of the perpetrators.

Timur said the police had to shoot him because he had attempted to grab an officer’s weapon.

“Investigation at the crime scene found that he had a firearm with 18 bullets with him,” Timur said.