Police Bust Sex Toy Shop in Surabaya

By webadmin on 10:27 am Mar 17, 2010
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Police raided a sex toy shop in Jemursari, Surabaya on Tuesday, confiscating various toys and pills. Authorities said the shop did not have a license from the Health Ministry to sell the items.

Surabaya chief detective Sr. Comsr. Anom Wibowo said Yunus’ customers were mostly housewives and male university students.

“We are still investigating whether the customers bought the items for personal or business purposes, such as to resell them, but we suspect they used them for themselves,” Anom told kompas.com.

He suspected, however, that the male students who bought Viagra-like pills to treat impotence were selling sex.

“It’s impossible for young men to buy those pills just to show off. They’re young, so it is likely they bought the pills to service the ladies who paid them,” he said.

Anom said the sex toys and pills sold by Yunus did not meet the required safety standards and did not have guaranteed benefits.

Store owner Taufiqur Rohman Yunus, 21, said he did not understand licensing regulations or standards because he did not import the goods directly.

“Every week my suppliers in Glodok Market, [West] Jakarta, send the goods to me. For each item sold, I get Rp 30 thousand to Rp 50 thousand profit,” he said.

Yunus also said even though his business was only six months old, he had a lot of loyal customers.

“Most of the women who buy the toys are housewives whose husbands are not passionate, and some of the others are divorcees or widows,” he said.