Police Arrest 6 Following Deadly Inter-Village Clash

By webadmin on 04:55 pm Feb 04, 2012
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Makassar. Police have arrested six suspects after one person was killed and four others seriously injured in a clash between youths from rival villages in Polewali Mandar district, West Sulawesi, on Thursday night.

Adj. Sr. Comr. I Gusti Ngurah Rai Mahaputra, the district police chief, said on Friday that in addition to the arrests, police were still looking for two more people who had been named suspects in the case.

“All of them are residents of Mirring village,” he said.

The clash occurred at the border of Mirring and Batetangnga villages and saw youths from both sides attack each other armed with machetes, knives and two-by-fours.

Mahaputra said the lone fatality in the case was Irwan Ilyas, 20, from Batetangnga. He said the victim appeared to have been brutally killed, with multiple stab wounds to his chest, abdomen, back, arms and legs.

Four others, also from Batetangnga, suffered serious injuries. One of them, Irwan Unto, 21, had a deep gash to his head that exposed his skull, while Co’ding, 20, had almost been disemboweled by a severe wound to the abdomen.

Two others, Irsan, 22, and Irwan Pundeng, 20, had wounds to the head and the arm, respectively. All are in intensive care at Polewali Mandar General Hospital.

Mahaputra said it was still unknown what sparked the clash, which his office is investigating. He added that he had deployed 30 officers to the scene to prevent further violence.

“Our officers are still investigating this matter to find out why the youths clashed,” he said.

He also called on residents of both villages not to be provoked into more violence by the incident, and he appealed to district legislators and community figures to speak out against the violence and urge calm.

The clash also caught residents in the area by surprise, many of whom fled from their homes for several hours out of fear that they would be targeted by the mob.