Plan Announced to Make Indonesian Mosques Sound ‘More Peaceful’

By webadmin on 06:29 pm Aug 07, 2012
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The Indonesian Board of Mosques wants to work with local radio stations to make Koran recitations sound more peaceful at the country’s 800,000 mosques, its chief said on Tuesday.

Jusuf Kalla, chairman of the council known as the DMI and the country’s former vice president, said Koran recitations were often annoying because some mosques played cassette recordings rather than broadcasting live versions.

Under a partnership, he said, one radio station in each city would be required to air Koran recitations performed by qaris, or people fluent in Koran recitations.

Any mosque could broadcast the radio version if it did not have its own qari present at the facility, he said.

Qaris’ voices, he said, had a “peace-inducing” effect.

The recitations, he added, should be aired no earlier than five minutes before each call to prayer.

“Next year we will test this centralization of recitations through radio relay in every city,” he said on Tuesday after a meeting with Religious Affairs Minister Suryadharma Ali to discuss the issue. “We will set rules for zikr [invocation] and [Koran] recitations, something like that.”

Kalla added that in the renovation of old mosques and the construction of new ones, more local architectural elements should be included in the design.

“It’s better if mosque architecture is influenced by local religious elements,” he said, as quoted by Indonesian news portal