PDI-P Lawmaker Karolin Denies Sex Tape Allegations

By webadmin on 07:40 pm Jun 11, 2012
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Ezra Sihite

Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) lawmaker Karolin Margret Natasha denied allegations that she starred in a sex tape with fellow lawmaker Aria Bima on Monday in her first statement on the widely-circulated video since it was released in April.

“It was not me,” Karolin told a journalist on the sidelines of a House of Representatives meeting on Monday, adding that “it is undeniable that there is a political factor in this case.”

The sex tape, which was posted on the website www.kilikitik.net, is currently under investigation by the Jakarta Police and the House’s Honorary Council. Both parties allegedly featured in the steamy video have denied their involvement. 

Karolin, the daughter of West Kalimantan governor Cornelis M.H., has been absent from House meetings since the allegations broke. She returned to work this week, explaining that the attention surrounding the alleged sex tape caused her to miss a number of meetings.

“I returned to active duty this
week, and there is no problem with [my] performance,” she said. “It was my weakness as human
[in not] responding the case that is being discussed.”

Aria claimed the video featured a lookalike, a man the lawmaker identified as E.G.M. An anonymous source close to the investigation backed Aria’s claims, explaining that it was E.G.M., not Aria, in the sex video. The man had started a company called Advance Borneo and released the tape out of anger when his business failed, said the source, who declined to be named because of the sensitivity of the matter.

Experts and politicians weighed in on the sex tape scandal shortly after the video broke, with some admitting that the man did look a lot like Aria while others doubted the claims. Aria has said that he knew the woman in the video.

Karolin said that the allegations have not affected her home life.

“My husband said ‘wow, it’s exciting to get married with you’,” she said.

Aria said that he plans to file a defamation lawsuit against www.kilikitik.net for publishing the video. Karolin said that she will wait for the results of the police and House investigations before taking any action.

“I have to face it one by one,” she said. “After the investigation by the Honorary Council is over [I might then report it to the police].”

The Honorary Council has not summoned her for questioning.