Parachute Fails, Man Lands in Living Room

By webadmin on 09:57 pm Dec 20, 2010
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Jakarta. It’s a bird! It’s a meteor! No, it’s a flying policeman! Residents of a housing estate for prosecutors in South Tangerang were surprised to see something falling from the sky and straight into the roof of one of their houses on Monday.

Abdi Rahman Manaf, the owner of the house, said the misbegotten parachutist was found unconscious after he came crashing through the roof, the ceiling and into his sitting room.

“I saw that he was already unconscious, and had wounds all over his body,” Manaf said.

Bambang Siswanto, a neighbor who had rushed in to help the man, was himself injured after bits from the roof fell on him when he entered the house.

Kelapa Dua police chief Comms. Alip identified the parachutist as Second Brig. Lahsan Sanjani from the police’s mobile brigade (Brimob), whose parachute apparently failed to open properly during a routine training jump, causing him to land on the roof of Abdi’s house instead of at his intended location.

Lahsan is now being treated at the police hospital in Kramat Jati, East Jakarta.

“We will question him on the incident’s timeline once he regains consciousness. He has suffered injuries to the back of his head,” Alip said.