Papua Man Injured in Police Shootout

By webadmin on 04:24 pm Sep 25, 2012
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[Updated on Wednesday, September 26, 2012]

Jayapura. Police officers shot one person during an exchange of fire
with a group of unidentified men in Urumusu, Nabire district, Papua on

“During the fire exchange, one of the members of the
armed group was shot in the thigh and is currently being treated at
Nabire Regional Hospital,” said Papua Police spokesman I Gede Sumerta
Jaya on Tuesday.

The incident began when three to five people
blocked the Trans Papua Road — the main road leading to several
districts — to extort money from passing vehicles.

vehicle that [was] heading to the gold mining site Topo was asked for
money,” Sumerta said. “If they did not give them money, the vehicles
were banned from continuing their way.”

Upon receiving
information from local residents about the extortion, the Nabire police
immediately went to the location but were greeted with fired shots.

fire exchange was inevitable because our members were shot at. One of
the men from the armed group named Kristian Songgonau got shot in the
left thigh.”

Sumerta said other members of the group managed to
escape to the forest, adding that the men were using revolvers and SS1
assault rifles to shoot at the police. “Other perpetrators escaped
arrest,” he said.

Sumerta said the road is now safe. “The situation is now under control, the traffic flow has returned to normal.”

Meanwhile, the police have continued to investigate Friday’s attack on the Freeport office in Timika, Papua.  

The Mimika district police have questioned five people as witnesses in the case and police have obtained several other names.

Danny Siregar, Mimika district police chief, said that he will continue to investigate the case.  

will investigate everything that has been committed, the vandalism and
torching [of the office]. We have questioned 5 witnesses and have
processed the crime scene. We’ve also gathered evidence,” Danny told
reporters in Jayapura on Monday.

Danny said that the perpetrators will be charged for vandalism. No one has been named as suspect in the incident yet.  

“The police already have a CCTV recording of the Friday incident and have even obtained the names [of the perpetrators].”

A mob of some 300 people on Friday attacked a Freeport office in Timika.

angry crowd also burned two cars and threatened to burn down the Mimika
district office if the gold mining company failed to fulfill their

The incident started during a meeting between relatives
of the recently deceased Papua affairs manager for Freeport, David
Beanal, and the company’s management.

Relatives of David and the
mob that later converged on the office wanted Freeport’s absent
president director, Rozik B. Soetjipto, to be present at the meeting to
discuss their demands, which included appointing locals to lead the
company’s community development division. 

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