One Gadget-Free Romantic Hour a Day Keeps Divorce Away, Former Minister Says

By webadmin on 06:03 pm Jul 06, 2012
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Former Minister of Women’s Empowerment Meutia Hatta is calling on Indonesian families to spend one romantic gadget-free hour each day in a bid to reduce the country’s divorce rate.

“The ‘romantic hour’ social movement started in May,” the prominent Indonesian women’s rights activist said in a written statement released recently in connection with the Family Week program.

“Let’s do it by spending an hour without gadgets and building quality communication in our homes. This is for the sake of family harmony,” she said, adding that communication gadgets have ironically become a source of communication problems within homes.

Communication, she said, is the main key to maintaining a good relationship with your spouse. Many Indonesian couples end up like strangers toward each other after several married years, she added.

“Most husbands and wives in Indonesia are consumed with their careers and have no chance to really communicate,” she said. “Communication is important to improve the quality of romanticism in a family. This ‘romantic hour’ social movement is a good habit that should be adopted by Indonesian families.”

Based on data from the Religious Affairs Ministry, more than 280,000 out of every two million marriages in Indonesia end in divorce.

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