Official Raises Concerns over Indonesia’s ‘Pitiful’ Museums

By webadmin on 08:24 pm May 31, 2012
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Dessy Sagita

Deputy Education and Culture Minister Wiendu Nuryanti raised concerns on Thursday about Indonesia’s museums, saying most of them were deprived of visitors, and in “pitiful” condition.

Wiendu attributed the poor status of the country’s museums to the lack of funding for maintenance and packaging, as well as poor marketing.

“Indonesia has more than 300 museums spread across the archipelago. Unfortunately, the public are not interested in visiting museums,” Wiendu said in Jakarta on Thursday.

A number of the museum buildings are in shabby condition, and many of the collections are missing, Wiendu said, adding that some pieces also have poor information and signage attached to them.
“We need experts who can offer interesting interpretations on the objects displayed. In other countries, some display items are average, but they still provide interesting information. Unfortunately, there are only a few such experts,” Wiendu said.

She added museums might need to raise entrance fees, most of which are far too cheap, in order to finance efforts to enhance their features.

Wiendu also said her ministry would soon organize a contest to select “museum ambassadors,” with each of Indonesia’s 33 provinces expected to have two ambassadors to promote their museums.

The ambassadors will receive training from museum experts from around the world so they can better promote their facilities.

The government, Wiendu added, has also launched the Love Museum Movement in an effort to promote museum visits to the public.