Note Warns of ‘Social Rebellion’ Found at Bombed Yogyakarta ATM

By webadmin on 11:06 am Oct 07, 2011
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Yogyakarta. A bag and a note were found in front of the BRI ATM in Yogyakarta that was firebombed on Friday.

According to Sleman Police Chief, Adj. Sr. Comr. Irwan Ramani, the note said, “Corporate country, police and military are the true terrorists. Social rebellion will continue because the sun is still shining.”

The ATM was attacked by unknown perpetrators using a Molotov cocktail bomb at 2 a.m.

Investigators smelled kerosene at the ATM.

“There was a strong kerosene scent but we cannot jump to any conclusions until the crime scene investigation is finished,” Irwan said, adding that officers from the Forensic Laboratory in Jakarta had been dispatched to Yogyakarta to help with the investigation.