No News On Indonesian Volunteers Aboard Mavi Marmara Ship

By webadmin on 02:03 pm May 31, 2010
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Putri Prameshwari

The fate of 12 Indonesian citizens aboard the Mavi Marmara, a passenger ship that is part of the Freedom Flotilla carrying humanitarian aid for Palestinians in Gaza, remains unclear after Israel navy stormed a fleet of aid ships destined for the Gaza Strip.

Joserizal Jurnalis from the Medical Rescue Committee (MER-C) said he could not contact any volunteers aboard the Mavi Marmara.

“I heard from TV3 Malaysia that some of our volunteers might have been killed in the attack,” Joserizal said to the Jakarta Globe, adding that the last time he had established contact with the group’s coordinator was last night.

“We are still trying to establish contacts through our satellite phone,” he said.

According to Joserizal, there are 4 volunteers from MER-C aboard the vessel and 7 journalists from TVOne,, the Indonesian Committee for Solidarity of Palestine (KISPA) and Sahabat Al Aqsha (Best Friends of Al Aqsha).

Totok Suryanto, TVOne’s General Manager for News Division confirmed that the news station’s video journalist Muhammad Yasin is aboard the ship.

“He is unreachable. We’ve been having a hard time trying to contact him,” Totok said, adding that Yasin sent footage from the mission two days ago. The ship departed from Turkey on Friday (May 28).

Meanwhile, Israel’s military censor on Monday blocked the reporting of any information about people killed or injured and transferred to Israeli hospitals after the navy stormed a fleet of aid ships destined for the Gaza Strip.

Previously, Israeli private channel 10 television reported that at least 10 people were killed as Israeli forces stormed a boat carrying pro-Palestinian activists bound for Gaza. Israeli marine commandos had opened fire after being attacked with axes and knives by a number of the passengers on board the aid ships, the television said, without giving the source of its information.

The station did not say whether the dead and injured were passengers or members of the Israeli navy.

Additional reporting from Agence-France Presse