No Indonesian Candidates Proposed to Lead UN Climate Body

By webadmin on 11:07 pm Mar 31, 2010
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Environment Minister Gusti Mohammad Hatta said on Wednesday that the ministry would not float any candidates for the leadership of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change as the deadline for submitting candidates passed.

Yvo De Boer, executive secretary of the UN Climate Change Secretariat, announced his resignation in February, three months after the highly anticipated international climate change talks in Copenhagen ended with a nonbinding agreement considered a failure by environmentalists.

Although Indonesia never made an official announcement, three candidates were considered to be in the running for the post.

They are former Foreign Minister Hassan Wirajuda, Agus Purnomo, the head of the National Council on Climate Change and a special staff member to the president on climate issues, and Liana Bratasida, the environment minister’s assistant for global environmental affairs and international cooperation.

“We do not have any candidates for the UNFCCC,” said Gusti, adding that Liana had rejected the offer “because of her own reasons.”

Liana said she was grateful to have been offered the candidacy, but she was not interested in taking the job.

“I have submitted my refusal letter to the minister,” she said. The job “is not as easy as it seems so I think I will pass on that offer.” She also said that she was “no stranger to this kind of job and [the UN bodies’] way of working.”

At the Bonn climate talks last year, Liana was appointed to head the Subsidiary Body for Implementation, a technical body under the UNFCCC that focuses on emissions targets, financing, mitigation and technology transfer. She was also a former member of the Clean Development Mechanism’s executive board, which was tasked to determine whether carbon projects should be approved.

A source who did not wish to be identified told the Jakarta Globe that Indonesia had failed to submit names because no one met the UNFCCC requirements.

“They have requested that the applicant have experience in managing around $100 million in funds and 150 international staff members. Not one of the alleged candidates fit the criteria, so, that’s why we did not submit any names,” the source said.