NGOs File Lawsuits Against Bali Judges Over Trial of Elderly Woman

By webadmin on 04:41 pm Jul 26, 2012
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Jakarta Globe

Denpasar. Two nongovernmental organizations based in Malang, East Java have filed multiple law suits against a Denpensar court, and are asking that three judges be dismissed for what they’re calling inhumane treatment of an elderly, bed-ridden woman on trial for fraud.

Seventy-seven year-old Loena Kanginnadhi, who is accused of fraud linked to a property sale, has had to attend her trial on a mobile hospital bed because of poor health.

Agus Salim Ghozaly, the chairman of the Malang Peoples Mediation and Consultation Institution, filed a Rp 200 billion ($21 million) lawsuit for immaterial losses — or compensation for pain and suffering — and the dismissal of the three judges hearing the case, according to Antara.

“We deem that the treament of the defendant violates human rights,” Agus told Antara.

Sukarja Alima, the chairman of the Indonesian Sapoe Djagad Communication Forum, also filed a separate Rp. 202 billion suit for immaterial damages for what he called “humanitarian and social feelings.”

“The suit is also addressed at the three judges,” Sukarja added, according to Antara.

Sukarja cited law number 39 of 1999, which stipulates defendants remain free from torture or inhuman treatment, and retain their dignity.

Loeana is accused of embezzling $850,000 from a land sale transaction in Jimbaran, South Bali in 2001.

Putra Masagung, who bought a plot of land, took Loreana to criminal court in 2010, saying that she had not yet received 8,640 square meters of the 30,000 square meters she purchased.

Police arrested Loeana in Nov. 2011, but had to release her after she won a pre-trial case against her detention at the Denpasar state court.

On April 27, Loeana who was seeking medical treatment in Surabaya, was rearrested by a reported 10 members of the police — eight from Bali and two from Surabaya.