Neneng Claims Her Responsibilities Began and Ended With Stationery

By webadmin on 04:58 pm Jun 18, 2012
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Novianty Setuningsih

Graft suspect Neneng Sri Wahyuni has claimed that she was not actively involved in a company that subcontracted its solar power plant project and caused state losses of Rp 2.7 billion ($289,000). Rather, she said she was only responsible for managing its stationery.

“She [Neneng] said she was never active at Anugrah Nusantara,” Junimart Girsang, Neneng’s lawyer, said on Monday. “She said that she was requested by [Muhammad] Nazaruddin to help with preparing stationery at Anugrah [Nusantara].”

Neneng, who was arrested by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) recently, has been named a suspect for her alleged involvement in the graft-ridden solar project.

Although the tender winner of the project in 2008 was Alfindo Nuratama Perkasa, it was Anugrah Nusantara that actively handled the project and subcontracted it to Sundaya Indonesia. Neneng, who was the financial director of Anugrah Nusantara, allegedly brokered the contract between Alfindo and Sundaya. 

The project to supply solar power equipment for the Manpower Ministry was valued at Rp 8.9 billion, of which she allegedly took a Rp 2.7 billion cut of the money.

Junimart said Anugrah Nusantara had just been established in 2006, and high-profile graft convict Nazaruddin, who is Neneng’s husband, asked for his wife’s help.

Neneng was questioned for the first time as a suspect by the KPK on Monday for her alleged involvement in the Anugrah Nusantara scandal.

KPK spokesman Johan Budi said Neneng’s initial questioning would be limited to the solar power project, though there have been allegations of her involvement in other ongoing graft investigations.

“KPK should investigate the cases to the roots,” said Nasir Jamil, the deputy chairman of House of Representatives Commission III overseeing legal affairs, referring to alleged markups in university procurement projects that were awarded to Alfindo.