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Coach Cynthia

In many businesses, the real problem in getting revenues is not getting more people to come to your business: It’s converting those prospects into real paying customers. Unfortunately many business owners spend too much time and money on Lead Generation and forget to work on Conversion Rate strategies. The fact is, conversion rate strategies are often more cost effective and gets more results.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways I’ve coached my clients to increase their conversion rate.

    •    Proper recruitment of sales people. Most of the time, your WHAT problem starts from a WHO problem. Did you recruit the right people with the right skills and talents in the right position? Many business owners are so frustrated teaching pigs to fly. Pigs don’t fly. Introverted people don’t naturally like to come up to strangers and make a sale. Unambitious people typically don’t get excited to double their sales. Stop wasting time on the wrong people. Instead, ensure that your recruitment system uses psychometric tests that assess personality, talent and job fit. 

    •    Continuous sales training. It’s amazing how often this gets overlooked. In the midst of our busyness, we forget to develop our people. How often do you train your sales team on selling skills, confidence, motivation, communication, reading people, using sales scripts if necessary? How often do your people read books, watch videos on sales, or listen to audios? If you don’t have a learning culture in your organization, get ready for stagnant results. If you’re not growing, you’re dying.

    •    Be unique. What’s your uniqueness compared to the competitors? None? Well, that’s a good place to start. Get to know your market and your competition. Find out what you can offer (not necessarily discounts) to be different and value-added. Be specific: don’t just say that you have better quality and service. What about your service and quality that is different? Make a guarantee that you can keep and that the customer can get excited about.

    •    Sell differently to different people. Another key area of selling is the ability to read your prospects. Dominant people are influenced in a different way than passive people. People-oriented prospects need a different approach than task-oriented individuals. Be a chameleon! Sales is a people sport. You’ve got to know the way to approach different types of people and adjust your own personality style to suit the situation.

There are many more but I’ll stop here to let you implement some of it. For more strategies on how to improve Conversion Rate, read “Instant Cashflow” by Brad Sugars and get around 50 Conversion Rate strategies at your finger tips. 

Coach Cynthia owns an ActionCOACH Business Coaching franchise that guides businesses to select and implement effective and cost-efficient marketing strategies to increase your business results with a proven 17-week guarantee.

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