Nazaruddin Urges Monas Cleanup to Make Way for Anas

By webadmin on 05:21 pm Feb 14, 2013
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Rizky Amelia

Former Democratic Party treasurer Muhammad Nazaruddin has advised Jakarta Governor Joko “Jokowi” Widodo to begin cleaning up the National Monument (Monas) in preparation for Anas Urbaningrum, who has vowed to hang himself from the monument if found guilty of corruption.

“Ask Jakarta Governor Jokowi to clean Monas now,” he said on Thursday, before serving as a witness in a separate graft case.

The sarcastic remark was aimed at the Democratic Party chairman Anas, who claimed he would hang himself from Monas if it was proven that he had received kickbacks from the graft-ridden Hambalang sports complex project.

“Who knows if Monas is cleaned, someone wants to be hanged there,” Nazaruddin continued.

Nazaruddin has been a vociferous attacker of Anas, accusing him of direct involvement in the corruption surrounding Hambalang.

A graft convict himself, Nazaruddin has alleged that Anas used money allocated to the sports center project to fund his campaign in a winning bid for the party chairmanship in 2010. He has also said Anas received a Toyota Harrier SUV from the project developer for helping it secure the tender, an illicit gift the nation’s antigraft body says was given.

The Hambalang complex was a project under the auspices of the Youth and Sports Affairs Ministry. The ministry started taking bids for the project in 2010, with a budget of Rp 1.2 trillion ($124 million).

Previously, Anas said that he had nothing to do with Hambalang, challenging the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) to prove his connection to the project.

“If there was even one rupiah that Anas received from Hambalang, then just hang Anas at Monas,” he said in March 2012, insisting that all the accusations against him were just “rumors without evidence and totally rubbish.”

Scrutiny of Anas’s alleged involvement has intensified in recent weeks, with the KPK currently investigating the beleaguered Democratic leader. On Friday, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, the party’s founder, said he would temporarily take the reins of the party in order to allow Anas to focus on his legal troubles.

The KPK on Wednesday confirmed the authenticity of a leaked document indicating that Anas was under investigation, but said he was not yet officially a suspect in the case.