National Police to Sue KPK for Confiscating Traffic Police Documents

By webadmin on 01:38 pm Oct 27, 2012
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The National Police is planning on suing the Corruption Eradication Commission for searching the police’s Traffic Corps office and going through documents supposedly unrelated to the investigation of the driving simulator graft case.

Lawyers with the National Police [Hotma Sitompul, Juniver Girsang and Tommy Sihotang] have registered pretrial motions [against the commission],” the National Police’s Chief of Traffic Corps Insp. Gen. Puji Hartanto said on Friday, as quoted by Antara news agency.

The National Police wants the Corruption Eradication Commission, also known as the KPK, to pay material losses worth Rp 425 billion and non material losses worth Rp 6 billion for supposedly violating operational procedure when searching the Police Traffic Corps office.

The KPK confiscated several Traffic Corps documents when it searched their office in South Jakarta a couple of months ago.

Following the search, the KPK named former Police Traffic Corps Chief Insp. Gen. Djoko Susilo as suspect in the driving simulator graft case.

The case has brought the two legal institutions into a heated standoff and forced President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to interfere by asking police to stop their investigation and hand over the case to the KPK.  

Puji said that the police filed the pretrial motion after the KPK failed to return the documents even after the police sent a letter requesting they do so.

“The Police Traffic Corps has asked [the KPK] through the National Police chief to return the documents that are not related to driving simulator case,” Puji said.

Puji added that some of the documents were related to public services.

“The KPK replied with an official letter asking which of the documents that are not related to the case,” he said. “Until now, [the documents] have not been returned.”

The KPK said that it is ready to face the lawsuit filed by the police and it has appointed its legal bureau to clarify the accusations.

KPK spokesman Johan Budi said that the KPK’s legal bureau has also prepared a defense for the trial scheduled, to be start early November.

“The judges will decide on what the KPK has done is right or not,” Johan said. “We’ll just wait for the process.”