National Games Tennis Stadium Partially Collapses in Storm

By webadmin on 01:25 pm Sep 07, 2012
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Jakarta Globe

A tennis stadium constructed for the National Games partially collapsed during strong winds in Riau on Thursday, sending athletes scrambling for cover and injuring two workers.

Two members of North Sumatra’s tennis team arrived at the stadium Thursday afternoon when an awning covering the entrance collapsed amid heavy rain and strong winds. The roof fell on the front of the car, trapping the driver and a front seat passenger under the wreckage.

The athletes, who were sitting in the back seats of the car, were able to escape.

Two workers standing under the awning were injured in the collapse.

“A moment before it collapsed, I saw a car of tennis contingent from North Sumatra had just arrived and parked under the roof,” Amran, one of the witnesses, told the Antara news agency on Thursday night. “It was around 5 p.m. and it was raining heavily with strong wind. The roof was shaking and suddenly fell down.”

Amran was injured by broken glass.

The workers, Acing and Jamil, suffered serious injuries to their legs, hands and shoulders.

Local police were on the scene Thursday recording witness testimony. Officers plan to question the contractor.

The building was constructed by state-owned builders Amarta Karya, according to Antara reports. But the Jakarta Globe previously reported that another state-owned construction firm, Pembangunan Perumahan, built the complex.

But Riau governor Rusli Zainal said the accident had a natural cause and urged people not to exaggerate their claims.

“This was a small incident that should not be exaggerated,” Rusli said on Friday. “The collapse is only the front part of the roof, while the field inside the building still looks firm and ready to use.”

Rusli said that an independent contractor will examine the structure before the games begin.

“Such incidents should not happen on other fields,” he said.

The governor is currently under investigation by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) for his alleged involvement in a graft scheme to inflate the costs of the construction of stadiums for the National Games.

The games will start on Sunday.