Nando’s Laptop Could Bring Down the House: KPK

By webadmin on 07:13 pm Jun 22, 2012
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Ezra Sihite & Markus Junianto Sihaloho

New evidence in a major bribery scandal implicates the five highest-ranking members of the House of Representatives, the five highest-ranking members of the Budget Committee and each of the party factions, the country’s antigraft body announced at a monthly hearing with lawmakers on Wednesday.

The evidence comes from a laptop confiscated in February during a raid of House Budget Committee offices. It reportedly contains an expansive list of how much money specific officials took in bribes from a large regional infrastructure development project.

In the list, the five House leaders are each assigned a code name, with K1 allegedly referring to House Speaker Marzuki Alie and K2-K5 to his deputies, KPK chief Abraham Samad told lawmakers. K1 received Rp 300 billion ($32 million) while K2-K5 got Rp 250 billion each.

Budget Committee head Melchias Markus Mekeng and each of his four deputies were also on the list, Abraham said, code-named P1-P5.

Finally, each political party represented in the House also received a cut, with the list identifying each of them by color.

The laptop belonged to Nando, a member of the Budget Committee.

The project funds were administered by the Infrastructure Development Acceleration (PPID) program and involved 298 regions across the country.

The KPK will not back down in pursuing this investigation, Abraham said.

“God willing, we will not cover things up. It’s not our tradition,” he said.

KPK deputy chairman Busyro Muqoddas confirmed Abraham’s statements, adding that the antigraft body would likely announce more suspects. So far, Wa OdeNurhayati is the only suspect in the case.

“It is possible that the politicians mentioned in the laptop will be questioned,” Busyro said.

Wa Ode, a National Mandate Party (PAN) lawmaker, accused Marzuki and his deputies on Tuesday of taking the bribes described in the laptop during her trial at the Jakarta Anti-Corruption Court.

Marzuki, who earlier sniffed that Wa Ode made the allegation like a “drunk,” demanded she back up her claims with details such as who gave him the money, the location and method of the bribe and more.

Tamsil Linrung, one of Budget Committee deputy heads, did not rule out that the codes and the colors existed.

“I don’t know for sure about all the codes, but they could exist,” he said. “However, I don’t know what they describe. It could be that the codes to refer to political factions.”