Mysterious Explosion Panics Locals in South Sulawesi, Police Still Investigating

By webadmin on 12:13 pm Oct 08, 2009
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A large explosion was reported in Latteko, Bone district, South Sulawesi, on Thursday morning at around 11 am and may have been a plane crash. Locals at first thought it was an earthquake and ran out of their homes in panic.

Bone Police spokesman Abunawas confirmed the large explosion.

“We received a report from locals that there was a plane crash in Latteko, Bone, South Sulawesi, but we are still investigating,” Abunawas said.

The explosion was heard from up to 11 kilometers away.

“We keep receiving phone calls from concerned locals who are curious to know what the big bang was,” he said.

Meanwhile, a local named Nur Pairah who works as a teacher in Bone told Metro TV that when the explosion happened she was inside a classroom. She thought it was the sound of thunder. Thinking it might be an earthquake, Nur Pariah ordered her students to evacuate.

Police are coordinating with the Geophysics, Climatology and Meteorology Agency to confirm whether or not the explosion was an earthquake.