My Jakarta: Vedro El Citra, Videographer

By webadmin on 10:08 am Jun 09, 2012
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Elisa Effendy

Memories are best used to put smiles on faces, which is the reason we’re quick to record the adventures and turning points in our lives.

In the advertising world, ideas and communication take on new meanings when they’re accompanied by live images. In fact, the smart, thought-out and distinct concepts that go into video packages are what capture our attention the most.

Meet Vedro El Citra, a young and talented videographer who tries to embody the values above. He thinks that the skills and tools in the world of videography contribute a minute 10 percent to a successful package, while good communication and packaging accounts for the other 90 percent.

Tell us about your professional working experience.

I mainly work as a freelancer in wedding and advertising projects now.

In 2010, I joined Cactus Project, a company that provides web and multimedia services to clients such as Nielsen Indonesia as an advertising videographer, and I was once an intern in Mitra Adi Perkasa as a video editor.

Why do you now specialize in weddings and advertising?

People say you have to work based on your passion, and I love making videos which instill happy moments with creative and innovative edges.

Weddings are one of the happiest, once-in-a-lifetime moments you always want to cherish, while in advertising, you need to have unique and fresh ideas to convey the brand along with the message to the viewers.

Is one easier?

Each comes with its own pros and cons. For instance, you should understand the company profile well before pondering about a concept to make an advertising video.

With weddings, you should be smart enough to capture every moment because the event is real time. If you miss something, you can’t replay or re-take the scene like you can with advertising.

If I have to pick, I’d prefer weddings because the idea of making people smile when they see my videos is invaluable.

How did you become a videographer?

When I was a kid, I liked art, whether it was drawing a simple sketch or taking photos.

The idea to be a professional videographer came in my second year of college when my friend introduced to me some programs to make videos. Ever since, I started to learn the art of videography. I practiced in my spare time, and that was when I knew that videography was my passion.

Video also combines all aspects of images — like texts and animations — and you can put various creative marks in each of them.

Do you work alone?

We’re working in teams consisting of three to five people. Some take care of the shooting while others take charge of the editing. But we sometimes swap tasks on some projects. We’re pretty flexible.

How do you define a good and successful video?

In business, it’s not about whether the video is good or not, but whether it meets the clients’ goals. The most important thing is for the viewers to get the message we want to convey.

Of course skills and technique count, but for me, a successful video is also one that makes people smile.

Knowing that they’re happy is more valuable and fulfilling than the money I get. That’s how I define success.

What is this organization that you help found?

I built this non-profit organization with my friends to help youth to learn something they always wanted to do, such as diving, making coffee and other things.

We work with companies like SeaWorld and Domino’s Pizza to produce a one-day learning video with the experts. We put it on BinusTV and YouTube in hopes of inspiring others to never stop learning.

I feel that my second passion is educating children. That’s why besides NSL Indonesia, I take part in social activities like Bantu Indonesia.

I feel like I have a responsibility to helping kids learn more with very limited resources.

Do you have a role model?

I do, his name is Marthin Fort, a very inspiring friend and teacher who shares the same vision and passion with me. He’s standing next to me in this picture. [smiles]

Vedro was talking to Elisa Effendy.