MRT, Flood Control High on Joko’s 2013-2017 List of Key Policy Programs

By webadmin on 11:01 am Feb 06, 2013
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Lenny Tristia Tambun

Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo has identified nine key programs in his medium-term development plan for the capital from 2013-2017, including the construction of a mass rapid transit rail line and a monorail line.

Presenting his plan to senior officials at City Hall on Tuesday, the governor said he intended to complete all nine programs within the stated period.

The first program is a complete overhaul of the city’s public transportation network, and includes the construction of the MRT and the monorail, as well as expanding the TransJakarta bus network and optimizing public bus routes.

The second program focuses on controlling floods, a perennial problem that left the city paralyzed in mid-January.

The flood-mitigation programs include the dredging and widening of the city’s main waterways, shoring up embankments and levees, developing a system of polders to contain high levels of rainwater runoff, and the construction of a multipurpose tunnel to channel excess water directly out to sea.

“The third program focuses on re-zoning slum areas and providing adequate public housing for the poor,” Joko said.

“We plan to build more subsidized apartment blocks that have markets and health care facilities integrated into them. We also want to replace existing slums with high-rise blocks.”

The “vertical kampung” concept is at the core of the administration’s housing program, which emphasizes building low-cost housing for residents of slums, rather than evicting them. Another facet of the program is the “tiered kampung” for riverbank areas, which will consist of up to three rows of low-rise apartment blocks between the river and the road.

The fourth program in the development plan is to increase the number of open green spaces, while the fifth is the relocation of mobile food vendors to centralized hawker centers, in a bid to address both hygiene and traffic issues.

The sixth program centers on education, and includes the expansion of Joko’s Jakarta Smart Card program, designed to subsidize non-tuition costs for students. It also includes building new schools and improving teacher competence.

The governor’s seventh key program centers on health care. Among the administration’s focus over the coming years will be to build more community health centers, ensure more beds at third-class hospital wards, and expand the Jakarta Healthy Card program that guarantees free health care for residents.

“The eighth program is cultural development,” Joko said.

“We plan to build a Betawi cultural center, revitalize the Kota Tua area and hold more international-level cultural events.”

The final program will focus on improving government services, particularly at the ward and subdistrict levels. It also includes the introduction of online tax and permit application systems.