‘Mr Bean’ Confirmed to Play Ghost Role in Indonesian Movie

By webadmin on 08:48 am Mar 23, 2012
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British actor Rowan Atkinson, best known in Indonesia for his role as Mr. Bean, will star in an locally produced horror comedy film, Indonesian actress Dewi Perssik says.

The film is titled ‘Mr. Bean Kesurupan DP’ (‘Mr. Bean Obsessed With DP’), with DP presumably being the buxom actresses’s initials.

“Mr. Bean will play an Indonesian ghost [pocong] who is obsessed with this celebrity, and at the same time causes a lot of trouble because of that,” Dewi said.

She added that she was yet to shoot any scenes with Atkinson, because the cast still had to work out their schedules, but she had already communicated with him, mainly explaining to him the concept of pocong, often described as a “shrouded corpse ghost.”

“My kid, Gabriel, likes Mr. Bean a lot,” Dewi said, adding that’s how the idea to offer a role to Atkinson in an Indonesian movie was born.

Producer Keke Dheeraj eventually made it happen.

Dewi said she is happy to be working with an actor of international fame.

“Not many people have this opportunity,” she said. “So when I will meet him the first time, I will take a lot of photos for sure.”