Motorcycles Torched in Banda Aceh Riot

By webadmin on 04:27 pm Jun 27, 2012
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Banda Aceh. Dozens of motorcycles were set on fire during a riot in Banda Aceh early on Wednesday morning that reportedly involved almost 1,000 people.

The riot was triggered by a brawl between two groups of people from the districts of South Aceh and Central Aceh, reportedly after a football match between students during Student Games Week (Popda) in Banda Aceh.

The motorcycles torched were those parked at Ratu Safiatuddin Park, most of which belonged to Central Aceh residents.

The ruckus began at about 1 a.m. and lasted about three hours.
Eyewitnesses said security officers were helpless to stop the crowd, given its size.

“I heard several warning shots, but the crowd was estimated to reach almost 1,000 people. They only left Ratu Safiatuddin Park at 4 a.m.,” an eyewitness said.

Some facilities in the park were also reportedly attacked.

It is not yet clear whether anyone was injured in the incident.