More Than 16,000 Citations Given in Jakarta Traffic Operation

By webadmin on 04:37 pm Jul 20, 2012
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Bayu Marhaenjati

A four-day crackdown on traffic law violations in the capital has seen tickets issued to 16,470 drivers, the Jakarta Police said on Friday.

“In the Patuh Jaya 2012 Operation, the traffic directorate of the Jakarta Police has ticketed vehicles violating traffic regulations. On July 16, violations caught numbered 3,663; on July 17, 3,847; July 18, 4,370; and on July 19, 4,590,” Jakarta Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Rikwanto said.

He said motorcycle drivers dominated the violations, most often by riding against the flow of traffic or driving in the dedicated TransJakarta busway lanes.

Police not only issued tickets, but also issued verbal warnings to a total of 6,525 drivers during the same period, Rikwanto said.

The police have also confiscated 269 vehicles, with the vast majority being motorcycles and only 14 of which were four-wheelers. The police are also holding 23,607 documents, including vehicle registrations and driver’s licenses, as a result of the operation.
He said that during the four days, a total of 61 accidents were recorded, leaving 10 people dead, 27 others seriously injured and 39 with minor injuries.

Rikwanto said Patuh Jaya 2012 showed a rising number of traffic regulation violators.

“We are hoping that people abide by the rules. With this operation, we are hoping to lower the number of violations, and if it is conducted continuously, hopefully it can act as a deterrent,” he said.