More People Died in Workplace Accidents Than Car Crashes in 2012: Jamsostek

By webadmin on 10:40 am Mar 01, 2013
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Jakarta Globe

Nine people died everyday in work-related accidents in 2012 — a figure higher than deaths from traffic accidents — state-owned worker insurance company Jamsostek said.

Jamsostek service division head Afdiwar Anwar said in a press release obtained by on Wednesday that insurance claims in West Java and Banten reached Rp 139.6 billion ($14.4 million) from 37,390 accidents in 2012. In Java’s northern coastal regions (Bekasi, Cikarang, Karawang and Purwakarta) there were 10,109 accidents with total claim of Rp 45 billion in the same year.

“The condition shows that more workers died due to [work-related] accidents [than traffic],” Afdiwar said as quoted by “Police data show that every three hours one person died [in traffic accidents], but the number of work-related accidents is still the highest, mainly in industrial areas.”

He said that the high number of work-related accidents, which hit 103,000 cases last year, is due to companies’ ignorance of occupational safety and health (K3) standards. Only 2.1 percent out of 15,000 large companies in Indonesia that have implemented the K3 program. Many companies, Afdiwar said, consider K3 a cost burden, which ultimately makes the working environments more dangerous.

“For example, the death of 32 mining workers in Sawahlunto, West Sumatra, and workers in Plaza Semanggi who did not wear safety equipment so they fell from the gondola,” Afdiwar said, referring to a coal mining incident in 2009 and an accident in 2008 where two workers fell to their death in Jakarta, respectively.

Afdiwar said that his agency would continue educating companies to implement occupational safety and health management programs in the workplace.

“If companies realize the importance of K3 management system, it can curb the number of work-related accidents,” he said.