Models-Turned-Lawmakers Support House ‘Sexy’ Outfit Ban

By webadmin on 12:53 pm Mar 06, 2012
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Ezra Sihite

The House of Representative’s proposed ban on “sexy” outfits for female staffers has found some unlikely proponents, former models-turned-politicians Venna Melinda and Noura Dian Hartarony.

The women voiced their support of the controversial regulation that would govern the types of clothes women can wear in the House office complex. The measure is an effort to address the concerns of male lawmakers
who felt uncomfortable with some of the female staffers’
“sexy” dresses.

“If we respect the institution [the House], we must respect the
regulation. I will really approve such regulation,” Vena said in Jakarta
on Tuesday morning.

“I actually don’t understand whom they’re
trying to address to [with the planned rule]; they could be guests,
staffers or personal assistants. But the rule is made to be obeyed,”
added the former Ms. Indonesia and soap opera actress.

The regulations are currently being drafted by the House’s Household Affairs Committee. The committee has yet to decide what types of clothing will fall under the ban, but Refrizal, deputy chairman of the committee, said that miniskirts should not be allowed in the parliamentary building complex.

Several lawmakers and a women’s rights commission have spoken out against the move, calling the regulation unconstitutional.

But lawmakers Vena and Noura, a former model, are fine with the ban, explaining that the rule could help form “the character of the nation”.

these days are never taught of how they should dress in accordance to
the places. Such regulations need to be encouraged. Let’s become a
cultured nation,” Noura said, adding she had seen a number of staffers
wearing miniskirts and showing cleavages at work.