Misuse of State Funds May Have Cost Indonesia $1.8b: BPK

By webadmin on 09:12 pm Apr 13, 2010
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The Supreme Audit Agency said on Tuesday it had found 4,949 cases of irregularities in the use of state funds during the second half of 2009, which caused the state to suffer potential losses of up to Rp 16.26 trillion ($1.8 billion).

Hadi Purnomo, chairman of the agency, also known as the BPK, unveiled the findings when he submitted the results of an audit to the House of Representatives on the use of the state budget in the second half of last year by the central government, local governments, Bank Indonesia and state-related institutions.

“This shows that the parties involved have not been responsible in handling the state finances and they haven’t been effective in executing their programs,” Hadi said. The BPK report comes at a time when the nation has been gripped with recent reports of a high-profile tax graft scandal.