Mirwan Amir: I’m Not the ‘Big Boss’

By webadmin on 04:00 pm Jan 13, 2012
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Ezra Sihite

The deputy chairman of the House of Representatives Budget Committee Mirwan Amir denied on Friday that he was the “big boss” alluded to by graft suspect Muhammad Nazaruddin.

“I’m confused as it was said the big boss was [Melchias Markus] Mekeng, now they’re saying it’s M.A.,” the Democrat lawmaker said at the House on Friday. “I don’t know why I’m being mentioned as the [big boss] whose initials are M.A..”

Nazaruddin, who is on trial for his alleged role in the graft scandal surrounding the construction of the athlete’s housing complex in Palembang for last year’s SEA Games, has claimed he was merely a scapegoat, and that the project had been rigged by the “big boss” at the House Budget Committee.

His lawyer, Hotman Paris Hutapea, said that the big boss’s initials were M.A.

Mirwan said Nazaruddin was not in a stable condition when he was “blabbing” about the “big boss.”

“It is what he said,” Mirwan said. “I know nothing.”

Another lawmaker from Democratic Party, Angelina Sondakh, who has also been implicated in the case, also refused to answer questions on Friday on who the “big boss” was.

“Just see later during the trial,” she said.

Nazaruddin has claimed that Angelina and his former staff Mindo Rosalina Manulang know who the big boss is.