Medici Living’s Personalized Sofas Put Consumer in the Driver’s Seat

By webadmin on 09:11 pm Jul 25, 2012
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Sylviana Hamdani

A man’s home is his castle. He should reign and be totally at ease in it. Therefore, the right choice of furniture is important to obtain the maximum comfort and represent the homeowner’s personal style.

“Just like fashion, furniture is all about lifestyle,” said Indonesian entrepreneur Ardi Joanda.

But unlike fashion items that we can change anytime we want, most of us have to live with our sofas and wallpaper for years. It would be much too costly and impractical to have them changed every the next month or two.

“Based on our experience, most people change their furniture once every three to five years,” Ardi said. “So, it’s really important when you choose your furniture that you pick the right one. The one that represents your personality.”

That is exactly why Ardi established Medici Living, a furniture company that has specialized in tailor-made products since 2007.

“Medici is very customer oriented,” Ardi said. “We encourage our customers to design their own furniture so that they can say, ‘It’s me!” ’

The first products in their collections came out under the brands Me & My Sofa and Medici Leather.

Me & My Sofa is a series of customized sofas that are personally designed by the customer and manufactured in the United States.

“They can go in any colors, any sizes and any designs that you want,” Ardi explained. “You can also enhance them with your own names, logos or embroideries.”

After the customer decides on the design that he or she wants, the sketches will be sent to a workshop in the United States to produce the sofa.

It takes four to six months until your personalized sofa is ready and delivered to your home.

“It’s shipped to Indonesia as a CBU [completely built-up] product,” Ardi said.

But why does the businessman decide to have the furniture produced in the United States?

“They [US manufacturers] have very advanced technologies that combine ergonomics and resilience for chairs and sofas,” Ardi said. “As the result, our chairs and sofas have that special American comfort that makes you reluctant to get up once you’re seated.

Medici Leather is a series of armchairs inspired by the personalities of the presidents of the United States.

They are high-backed to mark the status of the owners and upholstered in genuine leather.

You can also customize the dimensions of the chair to better suit your body type, and there are a wide range of materials that can also be used.

Last week, Medici Living announced new collaborations with American and European furniture brands Swarovski Elements, Schonbek and ScentAir.

“Indonesia is an incredibly worthy country for ScentAir and the world,” said ScentAir chief executive Andrew Kindfuller. “It’s the fourth most populated country in the world. And we see a wonderful business opportunity here.”

ScentAir is a provider of interior fragrances. The company is based in North Carolina. They now have over 40,000 clients in 105 countries around the world, including the Shangri-La Hotels, JW Marriott Hotels and Zara stores worldwide.

“The amazing thing about scent is that it’s the most powerful emotion,” Kindfuller said.

For its Indonesian clients, ScentAir has brought 10 of its latest scent collections with distinct notes of floral, fruity and woody aromas.

These scents can be mixed and matched to suit individual preferences.

Schonbek, a leading crystal chandelier company with over 140 years of history, brings its beautiful collections of handcrafted crystal chandeliers from its workshop in Plattsburgh, New York.

“These chandeliers are fine-art and God’s handmade,” Ardi said. Schonbek uses natural rock crystals and semi-precious stones, such as amethyst, rose quartz and turquoise, for its chandeliers.

Clients can also customize the types and colors of crystals, as well as the chandeliers’ designs to suit their interiors.

Swarovski Elements brings their new collection of crystalline wallpapers to their customers in Indonesia.

“The wallpaper is a strong innovation of our products,” Swarovski Elements Southeast Asia director Giuseppe Ravenna said.

“At Swarovski, we listen to the market and create what they want from us. They want us to put some ‘bling-bling’ into their rooms.”

These wallpapers shimmer beautifully under the lights, as each of them is discreetly enhanced with crystals.

Currently, there are nine designs with over 40 color options available for the wallpapers. And you can also customize their details.

“You can have a wallpaper with rock crystals or one million loose single stones per each square meter,” Ravenna said.

In the Medici Living showroom, the Swarovski Elements wallpaper featuring a special pattern of feathers mesmerized the guests. Each strand of the feathers is dotted with Xilion crystals that reflect light with an intense, luminous effect.

Medici Living’s founder and chief executive Ardi Joanda believes that customized products will be the next rage in the Indonesian furniture market.

“Medici is the trendsetter for Indonesian customers, especially interior lovers, to customize their own furniture,” Ardi said.

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