Marzuki: ‘Corruptors and Bribers Will Go to Hell’

By webadmin on 06:01 pm Sep 13, 2012
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Markus Junianto Sihaloho

House Speaker Marzuki Alie said that he supports the idea of a Haram (forbidden under Islam) edict banning money politics, or corruption, and said that such an edict could be issued by an Islamic organization such as Nahdlatul Ulama.

“Corruptors and bribers, both will surely go to hell,” Marzuki told journalists at the House of Representative building on Thursday. “The edict is only to strengthen — I support it.”

Marzuki hopes to not only make money politics haram, but to include the “middlemen” who facilitating bribes and kickbacks.  Because all hands dipping into corruption, according to Marzuki, would be forbidden and risk eternal damnation, the House Speaker suggested abandoning all corruption conspiracies in advance. 

“What is the purpose of being public official if only to use forbidden ways under religious law,” he said. “Better step down.”

Marzuki claimed that he personally is free from such wrongdoings, citing an example of how a councillor once asked him for money if he wanted to be appointed governor of South Sumatra.

“I choose to withdraw,” he said.

Beside Marzuki’s self claimed “purity” from corruption, he also asked that lawmakers see the government institution that he leads for its exemplary transparency and accountability.