Many Bewildered by Century Case

By webadmin on 03:19 pm Mar 02, 2010
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How knowledgeable are ordinary citizens about the Bank Century scandal? Not very, they admit.

“I know about it but I don’t really understand because I think it’s very complicated,” said Bunga, a 21-year old university student. She said she did not care at all at first but her attitude changed when she saw an elderly woman crying on TV after allegedly losing all her money.

“I felt sorry for her and I wondered, how could the people who took the money sleep at night?” said Bunga.

A former bank clerk named Ola said the controversy has always had more to do with power than banking.

“The Century case entered political zone right from the start. From the economic perspective, the case was finished and there was nothing wrong in the decision-making. What the government must find out is where the money went,” she said.

An insurance broker named Ferdinand said he did not know anything about the issue, and didn’t plan to find out.

“I always skip news about it in the newspaper. It’s not that I don’t care, but it’s complicated,” said Ferdinand.

Etty, a 62-year-old housewife, said she did not understand the details of the situaiton but she was worried about its impact on the government.

“I hope the Century case won’t make President SBY insecure because I like SBY. I voted for him twice,” she said.