Man Jailed 10 years, Caned 16 Strokes for Molestation Scam

By webadmin on 02:58 pm Jul 04, 2012
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Elena Chong – Straits Times

Posing as a trained nurse or medical professional, a Singapore man molested six victims while pretending to perform medical check-ups after they responded to his online advertisements.

Former tower crane operator Mohamed Rizuan Rahim, 29, advertised an online classified advertisement portal for “mystery shopper” and “medical participants” schemes.

The schemes were part of a scam he devised solely so that he could meet women and engage in sexual behavior with them.

The “medical participants” scheme involved Rizuan giving the women a “briefing” on cancer after which the participant had to undergo a “medical check-up.”

Women interested sent Rizuan an e-mail at two dedicated addresses he set up to carry out his scam; he would then go through the e-mails and reply to those women he was attracted to.

He rejected males and older females.

His victims were all students aged 13 to 25, and the molestations took place at several locations, including a hotel in Geylang between Nov. 2010 and June of last year.

On Wednesday, Rizuan, who pleaded guilty earlier to nine charges (mostly of molestation), was sent to prison for 10 years and ordered to be given 16 strokes of the cane.

Reprinted Courtesy of the Straits Times