Man Claims He Was Assaulted by Girlfriend, a Policewoman

By webadmin on 05:19 pm Jul 01, 2012
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Makassar, South Sulawesi. A female police officer in Makassar on Friday received a formal complaint lodged by her boyfriend for assault and battery.

Comr. Joko W., chief of Makassar Police’s professional standards and security unit, identified the policewoman only as S.Y., a widow with two children romantically involved with a man identified as A.T.

S.Y., Joko said, caught A.T. with another woman at a hotel in Makassar.

“A.T. was having an affair and [S.Y.] witnessed it,” Joko said.

S.Y., Joko continued, felt cheated and went home. A.T. tried to explain himself and followed S.Y. to her home, where he insisted on seeing her. But the policewoman had locked herself inside her home.

A.T., Joko said, became desperate and even climbed through the locked gates, prompting S.Y. to throw a few punches at her boyfriend.

“The victim said he was injured on his forehead and received medical attention that same night,” he said.

Joko said the Makassar Police were investigating the assault allegation. He added that the South Sulawesi provincial police was looking into S.Y.’s possible ethical violations.

The incident is the latest case of violence conducted by police officers against members of their own family, although they usually involved male police officers.

In January, a police officer in Banten reportedly beat his wife in a custody battle over their 15-month-old baby.