Malaysian Terrorist Noordin M Top May Have Hidden Explosives in Anus

By webadmin on 01:25 am Oct 02, 2009
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Jakarta Globe

Terror mastermind Noordin M Top may have concealed explosives in his
anus, explaining why a forensic examination of his body led an expert
to believe he may have been sodomized.

A forensic pathologist
said on Wednesday that an examination of Noordin’s body indicated that
he had been sodomized at some point in his life.

“There is an
anomaly in Noordin’s anus because it is shaped like a funnel,” said
Mun’im Idris, a forensic pathologist from the University of Indonesia.
“It indicated that somebody had sodomized him.”

Mun’im was
part of the team of experts that conducted the autopsy on the body of
Noordin, a Malaysian-born terrorist who was sought for a string of
attacks carried out across the country in the name of Islam.

on Thursday said that Noordin’s funnel-shaped anus was an obvious sign
that he had been sodomized over a long period of time.

“His anus wouldn’t have taken such a funnel shape if he had been sodomized only a handful of times,” Mun’im told reporters.

Other experts speculated that Noordin’s condition may have been caused by concealing explosives in his anus.

explosives inside the body was a method used by a terrorist who
attempted to kill Saudi Arabian Prince Mohamed Bin Nafey in August

The terrorist approached the prince during a dinner to
break the Ramadan fast at his residence. He got past the metal detector
because he had hidden the explosives in his anus. In September 2009,
Newsweek magazine published an article about a new terrorist strategy
of hiding explosives in body cavities to avoid setting off metal