Malaysian Police Fatally Shoot Five Indonesian Migrant Workers

By webadmin on 01:19 pm Sep 13, 2012
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Jakarta Globe

Five Indonesian migrant workers were allegedly fatally shot by police in Perak, Malaysia, last week, one of their wives told the Antara News Agency on Wednesday.

Devi told the news agency that received a call telling explaining that her husband Joni was among five migrant workers fatally shot on Sept. 7. The men all worked on a plantation in Perak, she said.

According to local Malaysian media, the five were allegedly involved in a robbery attempt.

Their names were Joni, Devi’s husband, and Osnan, Hamid, Diden and Mahno, she said.

“Last Friday I heard on the news that my husband, and four other plantation workers, died,” Devi said. “The information was from Mahno’s wife [who lives in Malaysia].”

By Sunday, Devi said she was sure her husband was dead.

“He was shot by Malaysian police when he was waiting for shuttle after work,” she said. “We don’t know the reason.”

Devi told reporters that she received a text message from her husband at 11 a.m. telling her he was heading home.

“But afterward I did not hear any news,” Devi said. “Until I heard that my husband had died.”

Joni’s remains were being held at the Raja Permaisuri Bainoon Hospital in Ipoh, she said.

Devi said that she wanted Malaysian authorities to return her husband’s remains to Indonesia.

“I hope my husband’s body will be returned soon, whatever the condition is,” she said.

Osman’s wife Shanty echoed Devi’s statement, wishing that she could bury her husband soon.

This is the latest in a series of police shootings of migrant workers in Malaysia in seven months. In March, three migrant workers form West Nusa Tenggara were fatally shot at Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, prompting a flurry of unheeded rumors that they were victims of organ trafficking.

In June, another three migrant workers were gunned down by police.

All were allegedly involved in an attempted robbery at the time of their deaths, police said.