Malaysian Jailed for Posting Ex-University Mate’s Nude Video on Blog

By webadmin on 11:41 am Apr 26, 2012
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Elena Chong – Straits Times

Singapore. A 31-year-old Malaysian engineer unearthed a nude video of a former university classmate, which he had secretly shot back in 2005, and called her last October to tell her about it.

Yii Yong Sii then uploaded it to his blog and asked her to take a look at his handiwork, which included orange blocks digitally added across her private parts.

The woman, with whom he had not been in contact since their graduation from the same Malaysian university in 2005, was not amused and went to the police three days later.

Yii, now a permanent resident in Singapore and married, was arrested at Marsiling MRT station on Oct. 23, where he had arranged to meet her. Yesterday, he was jailed a week for what he did after admitting to insulting the modesty of the 26-year-old woman.

Pleading for a second chance, his lawyer said his client committed the offense out of mischief.

District Judge Christopher Goh said he had taken some time to study the case to come up with an appropriate sentence. He reminded counsel that the High Court had set out a benchmark sentence of about two months for such offences.

The maximum penalty is a jail term of up to a year and/or a fine.

Lawyers unrelated to the case said that blacking out the victim’s private parts does nothing to reduce the severity of the offence.

They added that recording her in her private moments — taking a shower, in this case — without her permission and then posting her identifiable photo online constituted an offence.

Her privacy had been intruded upon, and her modesty insulted, they said.

Josephus Tan, a criminal lawyer, likened Yii’s offense to “helping a woman put on her clothes after raping her.” He added that such cases appear in court often, and that the device of choice is usually a camera-equipped cellphone.

Reprinted courtesy of Straits Times