Makassar Church Targeted in Firebomb Attempt

By webadmin on 02:28 pm Feb 10, 2013
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Farouk Arnaz

Police are investigating a Sunday morning arson attempt on a church in Makassar, South Sulawesi, after three people hurled molotov cocktails at the facade in a botched attack, police said.

Portions of Toraja Mamasa Church of Jordan Congregation, in Panakukkang, Makassar, caught fire early Sunday morning. The church’s sign and front door were damaged in the attack.

“The witnesses… saw three people riding on two motorcycles come from the north,” National Police Spokesman Insp. Gen. Suhardi Alius said. “They stopped in front of the church and threw two molotov cocktails before they fled the scene to the south.”

Panakkukang Police recovered the remains of the molotov cocktails, Suhardi said. Several police officers remained on location Sunday afternoon.

Suhardi declined to say whether this case was connected to other recent acts of terrorism in Makassar.

An ATM machine was torched on Jan. 20 by unknown assailants on Jalan Gunung Latimojong, in Makassar. Two other terrorism suspects were gunned down during a January firefight with Densus 88 members at Makassar’s Wahidin Hospital.

The men, Ahmad Khalil and Syamsudin HG, were allegedly involved in several other terrorist attacks in Poso, Central Sulawesi.