Luna Maya Fails to Front Dahsyat After Sex Video Emerges

By webadmin on 11:44 am Jun 08, 2010
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Jakarta Globe

A day after details of an explosive sex tape allegedly staring Luna Maya hit the mainstream media, the high-profile celebrity failed to front her popular music program, ‘Dahsyat,’ on private television station RCTI on Tuesday morning.

She was replaced by Astrid Tiar, alongside regular presenters Olga Syahputra and Raffi Ahmad.

Sources told the Jakarta Globe that Luna has requested indefinite leave in the wake of the scandal that has captivated the nation and replaced the upcoming World Cup as the subjuct of discussion around office water dispensers.

RCTI or its parent company, Media Nusantara Citra, have not commented publicly on the reason for Luna’s absence or on the two graphic sex videos that allegedly feature the celebrity, whose face fronts a number of high-profile advertising campaigns, and boyfriend Nazriel Irham, known as Ariel, the frontman of popular pop-rock band Peterpan.

A Lux soap advertisement featuring both celebrities that first screened two months ago has been taken off air, though Nurulita Novi, media relations manager for Unilever, said the ad had been taken off air as scheduled.

“The ad has been running since April and according to the schedule it should be taken off air in May or June,” Novi told, adding that associated advertising billboards, located throughout Jakarta, would also be taken down “in stages.” “We can’t do it all at once. It takes time.”

Luna also advertises a range of other products, including Sarimi instant noodles and Toshiba notebooks.

The actress is also a World Food Program ambassador, alongside the likes of sporting legends Kaka and Ronaldinho as well as actress Drew Barrymore.

The program wrote on its Web site that “the popular actress and model has worked tirelessly for WFP since 2005 and has helped raise the WFP profile in Indonesia, through fund-raising events, press conferences and site visits.”

Luna herself was quoted on the Web site as saying that she was excited to join the global fight against hunger.

“I am delighted to join forces with WFP to tackle hunger problems and I look forward to raising awareness to help the most vulnerable people in Indonesia.”